So what am I doing here?


Yeah.  I’m a great one for making great plans, but fail miserably at identifying the steps I need to make that happen.  So, something I need to work on.

I can see what I want -a life that is more together than what it is now.  I want to find enjoyment in the things I used to.

So, for me, a “more together life”?  I will warn you right now that these are all pretty superficial and ego-centric, but I think that I need to start with me, and then let that spill out into the rest of my life, like a ripple effect.  I’m going to run with this for now, and see where it leads. If you were looking for something or someone with all the answers to the big questions and the meaning of life (42, isn’t it?), you won’t find it here (I don’t think,  Maybe eventually, It’s early days yet…)

So here is my goal right now:

1) Read one book a week (I used to be able to do this…I will try my best)

2) One new culinary experiment a week – it could just be a new recipe or a new ingredient, but something new

3) One new creative project a week

4) One wild card – that will likely be either a home or “beauty” thing.

I am going to need a some time to come up with a master plan, but I think I have a map now.  Oh to have simply been born a domestic Goddess.

Til the next,