Crafty Creations


I spent some time in my craft room today, cleaning.  I am not good a the whole “put it away as soon as you are done with it” thing.  I am the “yeah, yeah, I’ll put it away in a second, or next time” kinda gal.  But working in there has become “where is my…I’ll just move this pile of stuff…here it is…wait, no work space…I’ll just move the pile back….wait, where did I just put that…c’mon, for the love of Pete…”.  So today I started working through the piles.  It was a lot like an archeological dig, unearthing years of parts and pieces of old cards.

I bought a Cricut about 5 years ago.  I promised the Hubs after I bought it that I would never buy another greeting card ever again.  I thought for sure it would save me money. At the time, I had recently gone to Hallmark, and had bought a few birthday cards, a new baby card, a housewarming card, and I believe the total had come to about $60.00.  Yikes.  I figured it would be cheaper to make my own.  I suspect that when I make a card it Is cheaper, it is the surplus supplies I buy that make it an expensive hobby.  I used to just go to Michael’s every now and then.  I now refer to it as weekly worship at St. Michael’s.

Anyway, I will post be posting cards here.  I am trying to get better at it.  It is part of the quest for Domestic Goddessity, as it is part of the “always prepared” – new baby? office birthday? party invitation? I got it covered.

Let me know what you think, and if you have suggestions on how I could improve the cards, I would love to hear!

Wedding Shower Invite

This was the first project I did with my Cricut – invitations to my sister’s wedding invitation.  The theme was a Victorian Tea, so the tea cup card was perfect. It is from the Cartridge “A Child’s Year”. and the cut out on the front where “You’re Invited” is stamped was from “Story Book” (as a Once Upon a Time fan, I keep trying to call it Storybrook).

Christmas 2012

This was the prototype for my Christmas card 2 years ago.  When I have to make them in bulk, simple becomes key.  The background paper was an ice blue, the red I believe was called Burgundy, with white ribbon, and glossy white paper for the stamping.  The ink was an ice blue.  The embossing was with a Cuttlebug plate, and then clear crystals randomly placed in few of the snowflakes.  For the final card, I’m pretty sure I went with a clear crystal in the word “Joy” as well.  Oh, and also a white gel pen to make the dots on the red paper.  I don’t think I did that on the final card.

Hannukah 2012

This one was quite simple – the Star of David was from “Joy of the Season” Cricut cartridge (I think??).  The stamp was from Papertrey Ink, and I am not sure which Cuttlebug plate for the bottom.

Christmas 2013

This was the Christmas card from this past year.  Again, when making them in bulk, simplicity is key.  I had a large book of Christmas paper, so I had about 6 different backgrounds, and several different ribbons to match.  The Reindeer stamp is from Hero Arts, and is stamped in a copper shimmer ink, and there is a red crystal on the nose.


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