Stuff, stuff, everywhere stuff…


We’ve moved.   We started the process in April, when we first met with a real estate agent, and are now winding it up as we unpack.  We were planning to move…in 2 years or so.  Hubby moved that up really quick on me, so I was not ready.  Our real estate agent wanted our junk/clutter/personal stuff gone.  Little did he know that I did too, but more on that later.  Hubby and I approached this in 2 different ways, and unfortunately, his way won out.  I wanted to pretty much pick up each individual item and make a decision as to keep or not.  Hubby wanted to shove everything in boxes and deal with it later.  Based on the time crunch, things were flung in boxes.  A storage locker was filled.  Then a 2nd storage locker was filled.  Then the garage was filled…you get the picture.  We were left with a house that had some odd and end decor items in it, but no clutter.  It was clean, it was open, it was easy to manage, it was easy (dare I say inviting) to keep clean.  I liked it  I felt like I breathed better (from a weight being lifted, not from the lack of dust, which there was, because it was easy to stay on top of the dusting…).  Long story short…our house sold, we found one, we moved out, we moved in, and here we are.

I am still in the process of unpacking.  Doing a few boxes each day.  Not as fast I would like, but at the same time things are being put away and organised, not just crammed somewhere for the sake of getting it out of the way.

Then the dread fills me.  The one thing that I keep forgetting.  Oh dear… This is just the stuff we had for staging the house.  We still have 2 storage lockers full of stuff that has not yet been moved.

We. Have. Too.  Much.  Stuff.  There is no getting around it.  I don’t want that stuff back in my life.  Yes, I want my pots and pans back.  Yes, I want the red club chair back.  Yes, I want the ornaments from my grandma back.  There are a few choice items I want.  But I am ready to let the rest of it go.  It is freeing.  Things that I couldn’t possibly part with a few months ago, I don’t care if I ever see them again.  Books that I was keeping because…I don’t know why…company might be impressed by my 20 year old psych text books on the shelf?  Some co-worker who I worked with 20 years ago gave it to me for Christmas, but now I couldn’t tell you what their last name was, but their feelings might be hurt if they ever came to my house and saw that it wasn’t prominently displayed?    The irony is that we don’t have people over because there is no room!

So, the purging begins.  Letting go of things.  Having the will power (and remove the emotion) to make the decision of “do I need this in the house”.  There will be fights, I’m sure, with the hubby, but we will make it through.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Nah, we’ll be good.

Any tips? Suggestions?  Thoughts?  Have you ever really, truly, cleaned house?

Catch you later,