Things need to change


I’m actually tired of saying that.  I started this blog 2 years ago, I believe…with all of 3 posts it would be easy to go back and check.  And everything has stayed the same.  EV-ERY-THING.  Well, I guess not.  We lost 2 fur babies, we have 2 new fur babies, I have several new nieces and nephews.  Life has gone on, but I seem to have been stuck in the same quagmire.

Things ARE changing in a little over 2 weeks.  We are moving.  We are moving to a new (sort of, I will get to that) city.  I cannot wait.

It’s a small city in Southern Ontario.  It is where my dad was born.  It was where I visited my grandparents.  I have always had a great interest in family history, and my family  has been there for some time.  Last year we were having a family picnic.  Hubby’s father was visiting us from Montreal, and we had lunch with hubby’s brother, his wife and their daughter, plus my parents, my sisters, their husbands and their kids.  Despite my sisters and I all being born away from this city, they have both settled there.  My one sister moved into my grandmother’s house when my grandmother had to go to a nursing home, to take care of the house and I guess so grandma could think that moving home could still be a possibility.  My sister and her husband eventually bought the house, and it is where their 2 kids call home.  My grandparents had bought that house from my grandma’s mother, so it has been a family home since the 1930’s.  My dad visited his grandparents there, I visited my grandparents there, and now my parents visit their grandchildren there (let’s face it, once grandkids arrive, the actual children become obsolete 🙂 ).  My other sister married a guy from this city, and has moved there, and now have their 2 kids.  The really strange twist of fate is that my brother-in-law, a Montreal ex-pat, met a girl when he was living in Toronto.  Turns out SHE is from there as well, and about 2 years ago they moved back with their daughter.  At this picnic, my sister-in-law and one of my sisters both said, independently of each other, “Have you guys thought about moving here?”. We hadn’t, but we did that night.  And we decided we wanted to.  We thought it would be a 2 year plan, but in March our next door neighbour put his house up for sale.  We went to the open house on a whim.  Next thing I know we taking the real estate agent’s card, and bing bang boom, our move was on!

It has been the luckiest move in the history of moves, I think.  Everything has fallen right into place, like THIS was meant to be.  Our agent was getting frustrated at how slowly (to him) we were getting our house ready for sale.  I was dealing with a move that was sort of spung on me, a husband who travels A LOT for work, and was gone for the first 3 weeks after we decided to do this, more clutter than I will ever admit to, and  a host of home repairs that should have been done long before.  Our agent had hoped to have our house ready for May 11.  We listed June 18.  However, we live in a condo townhouse complex just outside of Toronto.  When we were scrambling to get the house ready there were 9 other units on the market, most of which had far more substantial upgrades than we had.  They were moving, but with so many units there wasn’t much urgency, as buyers had lots of options.  They day before we listed, the last of those units finalized their deal.  We would be the only unit on the market!  Because the upgrades we had done, and the sudden exclusivity of our unit, we were able to ask a price that was no where on the radar when we first started discussing this, and because we were the only one, we got over asking.  One catch, the buyer wanted in FAST.  He wanted August 1, we negotiated August 15.  Still. this didn’t finalize until July 1, and we needed our house to sell before we could go look for another house.

We went to look at houses.  The first week was a bust (one house was so gross – I got really sick for the next 4 days and while people say it was food poisoning, I still think the house gave me dysentery).  The next weekend we saw a house we really liked, put in an offer, but did not get the house (we put an offer in 20K over asking, the winning big was 15K beyond that…no contest).  We were disappointed, but not crushed, which led me to believe that somehow, inside, we knew THIS wasn’t our house.  We went the next weekend.  We found a house.  It was in our price range, and because it had been on the market for so long, it was due for a price decrease.  God bless the tenant who had been living there and refused to let the house be shown.  We got the house, and we got it for below what the price decrease was going to be.  AND because the tenant had vacated the house, we were able to get the house for the same closing date as our house.  We weren’t going to have to live in my niece’s tree house!  Actually, I had asked her and she had said no, but only because there was no stove.

So we are moving to a city that will be new to us as residents, but really resonates with me.  I feel like I am moving home.

We are getting a blank slate.  Much of our stuff went into storage when we were selling our house to make it clutter free.  I want to make sure that at least 50% of that does not make it back in the house.  It was really sad when I realized that with the exception of a few key pieces, I could probably walk away from most of the stuff in there and not bat an eye.  However, when it was in my house, on my shelves, in my drawers, it was too precious to part with.  It has been so easy to keep a clean house BECAUSE THERE IS NOT MUCH HERE TO MESS IT UP!  Funny how that works.  There is a place for everything.  I need that to continue.

Not having the clutter makes me want to do things – baking, crafting, etc is so much easier because there is space to do it…alas it is impossible as most of my stuff is packed up.    However, I am trying to document how amazing this feels, so I can remember why I want to have this feeling continue in the new house.