Did you think I had disappeared?


So you start a blog, make one or two posts, then disappear.  That shows real commitment.

I let life get in the way, which is ironic as the blog is about creating the life I want.  The last few months I feel like a monkey, swinging vine to vine.  Getting from point A to B, with that brief moment of panic in that nanosecond where you are airborne between the 2.  Getting through things, but just.  I haven’t been taking much pleasure in what has been getting done, more getting it done because it had to be done, not for the joy of it.

I need to find the joy in my hobbies again.  And it is coming.  I finished a few knitting projects, and feel good about that.  I made some cupcakes that were fun.  Glad I had that opportunity.  I will get myself organized in the next few days and share the outcomes here.

Just wanted to say I was still here, the quest is still there, and I’m still scrambling 🙂