How many hours in a day?


I may have seemed to have taken a break, but I was actually on vacation, and away from the computer.   It was a great vacation, and while I tried to unplug, it gave me time to think about what it was that I want to accomplish.

I was back last week, and it involved getting caught up at work.  But I tried to start living the way I want to at home.  I tried cooking at home (I’m sure the fast food joints noticed a dip in their takings). We went out to see Shakespeare in the park, we went to visit family, we celebrated my niece’s birthday…I can see that time management is going to be an issue.  Coming home, cooking, cleaning up, prepping for the next day certainly puts a cramp on the amount of time for reading, creating, and having a life in general.

I learned to knit…so obviously if I have down time, I want to make the needles fly.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out a way to knit and read at the same time.  I am going to have to come up with a schedule.  Also sort of glad that my book club has been moved back a week this month, because I need some time to catch up. 

I did have some kitchen creations, which I will report on in the next few days. 

This is about balance, so I am coming to learn, and that is not something I excel in. I obsess, I focus all my energy into a single project, I get bored or burnt out, and I drop it.  I need to pace myself.

How do you stay or create balance?