Greetings from a domestic Goddess in training




living roomWelcome to my home.  Well, this isn’t my home, it is not currently welcome-worthy.  This is a picture of a home that I found online (if it’s yours, it’s beautiful, and can I come over?) but it is something that I aspire to.

To those of us not lucky enough to have been born to Mt. Olympus, I realized that to achieve Goddess status, it would mean climbing up by hand.  Ugh.  Physical exercise.  Not what I had in mind.  

I want to be the “It” girl.  I want to be the one who has her poop together.  I want to be Super Woman.  I want to be a Domestic Goddess – plate of home made baking in one hand, the perfect cocktail in the other, witty conversation flowing from my lipstick covered lips, in an inviting home, looking like I just stepped out of magazine (and not the “What were they thinking?” page.).

So, here I am sitting at the foot hills of Olympus.  My love for cooking and baking disappeared many moons ago, and I would dearly like to see that rekindled.  I used to be a voracious reader, and that has dwindled to maybe a book a month (and that is largely because I a part of a book club, so gotta get it done).   I am sort of crafty, primarily making my own greeting cards. My beauty routine is solidly founded in brushing my teeth at least once a day (sorry Mum), and making sure my hair is brushed before I leave the house.

So I thought that if I shared my ups,downs, and sideways shifts, it might help fuel my trek up the mountain.  I would love to have companions on the journey, and hope maybe you will tag along 






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