So what am I doing here?


Yeah.  I’m a great one for making great plans, but fail miserably at identifying the steps I need to make that happen.  So, something I need to work on.

I can see what I want -a life that is more together than what it is now.  I want to find enjoyment in the things I used to.

So, for me, a “more together life”?  I will warn you right now that these are all pretty superficial and ego-centric, but I think that I need to start with me, and then let that spill out into the rest of my life, like a ripple effect.  I’m going to run with this for now, and see where it leads. If you were looking for something or someone with all the answers to the big questions and the meaning of life (42, isn’t it?), you won’t find it here (I don’t think,  Maybe eventually, It’s early days yet…)

So here is my goal right now:

1) Read one book a week (I used to be able to do this…I will try my best)

2) One new culinary experiment a week – it could just be a new recipe or a new ingredient, but something new

3) One new creative project a week

4) One wild card – that will likely be either a home or “beauty” thing.

I am going to need a some time to come up with a master plan, but I think I have a map now.  Oh to have simply been born a domestic Goddess.

Til the next,




Greetings from a domestic Goddess in training




living roomWelcome to my home.  Well, this isn’t my home, it is not currently welcome-worthy.  This is a picture of a home that I found online (if it’s yours, it’s beautiful, and can I come over?) but it is something that I aspire to.

To those of us not lucky enough to have been born to Mt. Olympus, I realized that to achieve Goddess status, it would mean climbing up by hand.  Ugh.  Physical exercise.  Not what I had in mind.  

I want to be the “It” girl.  I want to be the one who has her poop together.  I want to be Super Woman.  I want to be a Domestic Goddess – plate of home made baking in one hand, the perfect cocktail in the other, witty conversation flowing from my lipstick covered lips, in an inviting home, looking like I just stepped out of magazine (and not the “What were they thinking?” page.).

So, here I am sitting at the foot hills of Olympus.  My love for cooking and baking disappeared many moons ago, and I would dearly like to see that rekindled.  I used to be a voracious reader, and that has dwindled to maybe a book a month (and that is largely because I a part of a book club, so gotta get it done).   I am sort of crafty, primarily making my own greeting cards. My beauty routine is solidly founded in brushing my teeth at least once a day (sorry Mum), and making sure my hair is brushed before I leave the house.

So I thought that if I shared my ups,downs, and sideways shifts, it might help fuel my trek up the mountain.  I would love to have companions on the journey, and hope maybe you will tag along